1. Accurate and Efficient Ordering. We know the details matter in all we do. Call our live service professionals and tell us what you need. We’re here to offer solutions at a competitive rate. We pride ourselves on a fast, accurate order process. We aim to meet your needs efficiently, with speed, poise and competence. Our quick, live order taking process ensures accuracy and speed.

2. We employ the best GPS platforms with live-traffic routing. Our delivery couriers use the latest in GPS apps with live-traffic routing. As a redundant system to ensure reliability, we ensure our delivery drivers are aware of and proficient with multiple GPS-based routing apps with live-traffic routing. Be it Waze, Google Maps, GarminDrive, etc, our delivery couriers have to prove their expertise with these apps so they never skip a beat delivering your order and we can assure clients of the fastest routes available.

3. Scheduled Route Courier and Delivery Services. If you have a recurring service account, optimal routing solutions are available to you according to your industry and service requirements. Ask your operator for more information.

4. Trusted, friendly service. Many prominent companies and thousands of customers have come to know our polite service, competitive rates, and commitment to excellence. Our customers choose us because we’re committed to servicing our clients better than anyone else.

5. We accept all major credit cards. You can pay your delivery, courier, or messenger invoices and fees easy and fast by calling us at 877-308-2913. Our operators are trained to handle your information securely and you’ll always get an email receipt.

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Universal Logistics LLC is committed to easy, user-friendly processes and service excellence. We pride ourselves on the accuracy and speed of our unique style of messenger service.